YAYA VISUALS specializes in the production of real-time architectural virtual visits and Virtual Reality.

Thanks to the experience and the multi-skills of our team, we will be able to guide you to the product most suitable for your needs, realizing photorealistic virtual environments with sophisticated and exclusive design, in a perfect blend of quality and ease of use.


An interactive virtual tour is a simulation of an existing site or not, composed of 3d models generated in computer graphics.

Our tours are divided into three main categories: Virtual Tour, Virtual Tour Mobile and Virtual Tour VR.

Virtual Tour is a video game designed for use on the latest generation PCs through mouse and keyboard or a simple joypad. Starting from your documentation, 3D models will be created, reproducing a virtual and interactive environment of the project. You can explore spaces and interact with objects, such as switching lights on or off, changing furniture materials, wall colours, and much more.

Virtual Tour Mobile is designed for use on the latest generation smartphones and developed for Apple IOS and Google Android.

With this kind of Virtual Tour you will enjoy a full-featured smartphone experience, making your product accessible anywhere in the world through Google Play Store and Apple App Store services.


Virtual Tour VR differs for the use of virtual reality. This technology allows the total immersion into the project through the use of virtual reality headsets. The world is rebuilt at 360 degrees and with a photorealistic level to allow unprecedented use experience. The latest technologies used by YAYAVISUALS are Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, peripherals made up of a stereoscopic head-mounted display, allowing the user to look at 360 degrees and in real-time the digital environment simulating the actual reality.

Oculus technology also extends to the latest generation of smartphones Samsung with the Samsung Gear VR viewer designed specifically for these mobile devices.



YAYA VISUALS offers a new concept of architectural visualization.

The architecture has always been at the forefront and has always been able to gain real benefits in terms of design and communication and now, thanks to virtual reality, it is possible to submit projects in theirs real environment, allowing a complete space exploration. Virtual reality is an essential tool not only for architects, but also for real-estate promoters, that will show their projects before they are made, and for interior designers who will be able to estimate proportions, colours and furniture solutions they propose. With our Virtual Tour you can make an immediate evaluation of the volumes with consequent reduction in errors, costs and times. This new method will allow your customers to be fully immersed in your proposal, making everything much clearer and more engaging. They will be able to visit the spaces, evaluate the various types of finishes or furnishing solutions, leaving them fully satisfied and reassured in purchasing an immobile still under construction. These tours are useful in a variety of areas: from real estate promotion to public and private projects, from cultural events to museums, hotels, meetings, conferences or showrooms.



Because we provide high quality flexible solutions, meeting our customers' needs and budgets.